Sunday, May 19, 2013


Three days ago while taking a sweaty, glaringly sunny walk around my neighborhood 
a truck passed me with a license plate which snagged my gaze.
The first three letters were of my daughter's name.

My second daughter.

My eyes drank it in.

I watched till the random truck with the precious license plate disappeared around a hedged corner.

That had meant way, way too much to me.

"Time to write", I realized.

Normally, I would spend a few posts catching up here.
I mean, I haven't downloaded my brain on this blog in almost 6 months. 
Normally, I would've posted the annual recap post...
a New Year's post...
a January post or two...
a few posts of noteworthy pictures for memorabilia...
next, trot through February and March posts...
then an April post for Ethan's birthday...
and finally May would bring an anniversary post here.

Normally, I prefer to back up and blog chronologically
for posterity's sake
so that the printed version I keep for my kids,
 in place of scrapbooking which I gave up on 2 kids ago,
would make sense for them, my Intended Readers, one day.

Normally, I would




as I tried to retrace steps since December 10, 2012 and 
recapture all that I could, in order. {That? Ain't happening. I ain't feeling real methodical.}

Back then we'd done the "Before, During, After" of adoption
and we were in the "Beyond".

Now? We're in it Again.

January 18, 2013 we saw her face and there's no going back, no other road,
no way we could entertain anything else, 
no way we could ever walk away.

5 months later with a 
completed, translated, immigration-approved, apostille'd, and consulate-stamped dossier 
about to be submitted to IBESR in Haiti,
I am catching my breath.

This blog reboot will be messy and chaotic
because I am about to have 5 kids, y'all.


Eh, methodical pacing is overrated anyhow.
This? Really crazy, disheveled messiness while we bring home our girl?
So way better.


  1. Oh Esty I am OVERTHEMOON for you!!!!

  2. Oh sweet Kait ~ that makes me grin with glee. Thank you for "getting" me. Xxoo

  3. I love your blog so much! My Husband and I are looking into possibly doing foster care. We are really excited to see what God has in store and where He is going to lead us.

    1. Kimberly, I'm excited for your family and honored to get to witness a beautiful rollercoastery ride unfold for you :)

  4. I have missed you. I will call you soon! Much LOVE and excitement for you all.

    1. I've missed you back, Cin! Now you see where I've disappeared to ;) love you!

  5. I find myself wanting to read this post over and over. I cannot wait to read the rest of the story of your second daughter. : )

    1. Nikki, shoulder to shoulder girl - we're in this together xxoo

  6. So excited to read about this, Esty!! Can't wait to know more. We miss all of you and think of you often. Hope we can catch up in person soon!

  7. AMY! WE NEED TO CATCH UP, GIRL! Sounds like things are on the move again for your family, as well?? And you GRADUATED!!!! congratulations, friend! You're the RN I always knew you would become <3 xxoo

  8. YEAH!!!!!! Five is amazing!!!! I've missed you friend. Can't wait to watch this story unfold. Love you.

    1. Case, I have missed you, too, my friend! Love you back.

  9. Sweet Easta, so supper excited you now have 2 girls! I can't wait to see her face and hear all about it. Love you and your growing family!

    1. Bonniebeth, wherever life takes us, we always love each other. Thanks for being joyous with me. It's like an old arm-in-arm walk together. xxoo

  10. I just came across your blog tonight and have been reading and exploring (love your posts and your heart, particularly in "It's Not Resuce"). I will be praying for your family as you bring home your little girl! Here lately God has been stirring my heart up more than usual about adoption and orphan care. I'm going to Haiti in August with my church and cannot wait to see where God leads from there. So excited to follow your journey here!

    1. Megan, thanks for your kind words. :) I love that the Lord plants such seeds of destiny in all our hearts...I will be so excited to see what lies ahead for you. :)

  11. Such amazing news! And no fear, five kids is total, amazing awesomeness :) Hooray!

    1. Sweet Ash, thanks for that. :) Only a Mama of 5 could give such musical encouragement.