Friday, August 17, 2012

What Life Sounds Like Lately

"I could crush them."
~ Luke, with complete conviction and wonder, when I asked him: "What are you zoning out about?" catching up with him on the beach as we trudged to the car after he had stopped to observe a pickup game of soccer played by some boys his age nearby.

~ Rissa saying "potty" at 20 months. 

"I would take an Exercise Man, a Food Man, Mama and Dada.....and Rissa."
~Graham, deciding which 5 people he would take with him onto an island.

"George Washington. Abraham Lincoln. And Andrew Jackson. And Rock Obama."
~Ethan, naming his favorite Presidents.

"You know Michael Phelps is my favorite athlete and to know that he's retired and he'll never swim again and I barely got to see him swim at all at this Olympics, it's just heartbreaking."
Luke, with hands propped behind head, shirtless while staring at the ceiling, sad tears rolling down his cheeks.

"EEEEEEah. Guy. Uke."
~Rissa, saying her big brothers' names.

"I feel like you don't love me when I get shots."
"You say that but I'm afraid it won't really happen."
~ Graham, really giving me a run for my money lately, after getting immunized while screaming bloody murder and later, when I offered to schedule a playdate instead of immediately inviting his new friend over to our house after a morning together at the water park. 

"Mama, will you be at my wedding one day? And Luke, will you be at my wedding? And you, Graham? And Rissa?"
~ Ethan, out of the blue, making wedding plans for himself while we were all  in the car including Andrew who asked: "Hey, can I come to your wedding?" to which Ethan answered (after a long pause)

"Just. Take. Off. Your. Pants. And. Put. These. OOOONNNNNNNNNNN."
~ me, through gritted teeth after spending at least 5 minutes describing how the boys should try on new jeans at an outlet store so we could decide which size they are this school year, and after Graham (who stared at me, wide-mouthed like I was speaking Russian to him) entered the dressing room and promptly sat down and started ripping tags off the new clothes which was in no way part of his explicit instructions from me.

"If you loved your sister you would not be pushing her stroller into the bushes right now."
~ Andrew, in his own shining moment of parenting as we left the outlet mall cash poorer, rained-on, loaded down with shopping bags and little energy left.


  1. so...apparently I was signed in as you.

    actually, this makes ME miss then so much!!

  2. This made me laugh out loud! Thank you for this post. :)