Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Birthday Wish

Yesterday I turned 35 years old. 
And as it approached lately, something dawned on me:
what better time to put my money where my big, ol mouth is?

I mean, I really shouldn't ask people in my life to support endevours I think are worthy unless I'm willing to potentially crash and burn in my own support of them.
Otherwise it's a cheap love I offer. 

God illuminated a dream in my heart. 
First a spark...
then a solid flame...
now a bright reality.
I discussed with Andrew my idea to support 2 families near to my heart
who are each bringing home a child from Ug@nda soon.
I wondered: "What if I ask people to wish me a 'Happy Birthday' on Facebook
and for each wish I am granted
 I spend that wish by donating a dollar to each of these fundraising, adoptive families?"
Because my husband is made of equal parts generosity and courage he immediately said:
 "K. Sounds great."
{side note: I am so blessed to be married to a stud who loves Jesus so much he'll MAN UP
at the drop of a hat. Thank you, Baby.}

Yesterday, after shouting all over Facebook that we will donate $2 literally 
in honor of the "2 cents" people give figuratively
by wishing me a "Happy Birthday"
we watched as the Lord gathered people from all over and introduced dozens of new faces into our circle.

From the morning of August 24 till 7AM on August 25th
there were 
6 videos 
78 FB messages from friends of friends (whom I've never known)
111 comments on other people's FB Walls
114 private messages
169 Wall posts
and a few more who slid under the door....

to bring the TOTAL to (roughly) 500 WISHES!!!

{so, consequently: thank you! - I'm off to the best year of my life, assumedly!}

So yes - each of these families are receiving $500 towards the adoption of their child. 


This is about Him.
And His love for 2 children.

Without further ado...let's meet them.

The familes are

*from Tennessee, Lisa and Aaron Tolson
who, along with their 3 lovely daughters are adopting 2 year-old Samuel

*from Arizona, Jon and Lara Dinsmore
who, along with their 3 adorable kids are bringing home 8 year-old Mary.

Here are their stories, a pic or two of them and how YOU CAN DONATE, too.
My WISH was to give.
My DREAM is that you'll join me. 

If you want to see wishes come true and the beauty of redemption play out in real time, 
I encourage you to get on board.

~~~Lisa's Story~~~

Many years ago, the Lord led my parents to adopt a certain brother and sister of mine from Russia, and although I was a senior in high school, about to leave home, this had an incredible impact on my life. It was sealed. I was hooked.

Now, fast forward about 15 years….I’m married to a wonderful man (who also loves adoption, thank You, Jesus!), have three amazing daughters, and we’re ready. We’re ready for our next child. Around and around we went…biological. Adopted. Biological. Adopted. Meanwhile, I had been really praying and asking the Lord what to do with this intense feeling…a knowing…that our next child will not be from my body. We finally made the decision. We had talked various times throughout our marriage about adopting, but this time, it was different. It was happening. And on December 23 last year, we decided. It was official. We were doing this!!

So began the long process of “where, Lord? Where??” Through various conversations, beginning with a phone call to a sweet friend named Esty, He gently and clearly led us to Uganda and eventually to our sweet son, Samuel. I had watched Esty and Andrew’s journey from afar -- by way of Facebook and her blog, so I knew she would understand how we felt as we wondered where the Lord would lead. Esty and I actually lived in the same community for a while, yet I didn’t know her as well as I now wished I had! However, the Lord used that small connection to open up a conversation that helped kick-start this journey for us.

And what an incredible and life-changing journey it has been! I mean, think about it….I look at this sweet, beautiful, precious face in the pictures we have of our son, and I am blown away that the Lord has given him to us, that I get to be his mom, that we are his family. It is just humbling! What an incredible honor!

This is our story so far, but it is about to get even more exciting. In fact, we will meet our son, get to hug and kiss that precious face, and hold him in our arms two weeks from today! It’s almost overwhelming to really try to wrap my mind around this. Two weeks and we will know our son! Thank You, Jesus, for the gift of our Samuel!

We would love for you to follow along as we go! I have a blog, but it is private, so if you would like to join us on this journey, please email me at I will email you an invitation and you’ll be in!

Thank you to all of you who supported us by wishing Esty a happy birthday! It was beautiful to look over the hundreds of wishes yesterday evening and realize that y’all were excited about supporting us, a family (most of) you don’t know, to help us get one step closer to bringing our son home and making our family complete!

Samuel is coming home soon! This family will travel to Ug@nda in less than 2 weeks!

To follow Lisa's story email .
then visit their blog to follow the Tolson's journey to Samuel. 

~~~Lara's Story~~~

We are a family of five; a mom and dad, five year old "twin" boys and a two year old girl. Our younger 5 year old, Ambrose, came to us through African adoption last year and has been such a joy to our family ever since. We are so grateful to call him our son. Through his adoption we have come to know the redemption God offers in such a very real way.

After completing our first adoption, we knew our family was not done expanding. Our children were eager for us to adopt again and even asked for an older sibling. Each night they would include this special request in their prayers; that God would let us bring home a
 "big brother or sister."  

While on a missions trip this summer, Lara met a sweet 8 year old girl named Mary who was an orphan. Lara knew she was meant to be their daughter. You see, we had always
hoped to name one of our daughters Mary. The more we learned about her
story, we knew she would be our daughter! We are now prayerfully
anticipating her arrival.

Two adoptions a year apart is a pretty substantial financial challenge, but they believe that God will be faithful and provide everything they need to bring her home. You can help by watching their video, sharing this link, and giving to Marys Project Hopeful FIG account. All donations are tax deductible and held in a specific fund for Mary and can only be used toward specific adoption-related expenses.

Mary will be coming home soon and there's still time to donate.
Visit  this site to donate.
And visit Lara's blog to follow the Dinsmore's journey to Mary.

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