Sunday, August 5, 2012


"I had a dream on Christmas Eve," She calls to tell me on the phone in late December 2011.
"In the middle of this hectic Christmas season I had a dream,
a vivid dream,
about your daughter."

I wait.
She proceeds.

"I dreamed a short, old woman wearing a locket around her neck
came to me and handed me a tiny girl.
The old lady said:
'Tell them her name is Corin'  to me in the dream", she continues
"I knew the old lady meant that I should tell you, Esty.
So, I think she is being born now.
Your daughter.
Your daughter is somehow this 'Corin' and I think she's being born now.
I believe you should get ready and go find her."

This hits me out of left field.
Rissa is just 1 year old 3 weeks before this call.
We had been home for 7 months from Africa with her.
The name: Corin.
The name holds no signifigance for me.
I've never heard it before.
Is it even a name?
And The Caller: She is important in my life but this name? this dream?
I turn this news over and over in my heart,
wondering if I can scrape some shard of a message
from it by dusting off the edges and peering hard enough.

We talk.
We pray.
We ask.
We read.
We wait.


We are not the type to be moved by dreams
having never witnessed a literal "dream-come-true"
but we are interested in witnessing magic.
Sure, why not?

We are available for any kind of confirmation, sort of gazing at the clouds waiting for

Quiet permeates. It is the peaceful quiet of contentment cemented in unity.

We remained still.

Today, another 7 months have passed.
There is no smash ending to this tale.
No brilliant finale to cap off this story with a bang.

There is a reason to record this story here but I have abolutely no idea what it is.
This story...

...with no ending yet.
Maybe no ending ever.

Now we are begining Another Story with our God.
Maybe the two stories will merge one day.
Maybe there will be a final chapter of The Story About Corin.
I just don't know.
Is there a Corin?
Was she born last December?
Will we find her?
All we know is that we are walking on.

What lies Beyond is where we are heading.

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  1. Maybe.....she hasn't been born yet....Maybe....she was being conceived at the time of the the womb, in your thoughts, in your heart...? are only to pray warrior for Corin...?

    (By the way, I have a lovely friend named Corin and always associate it with girls) Tara Allen