Sunday, June 24, 2012

Before, During, After, Beyond: Part 1 *Before*

For me, this is what it is like Before you adopt your child ~

Before you go
things are crystal.

Like a booming in the deepest night when the world is most silent anyway, 
you hear Jesus call you to get out of the boat and you know.

This cannot be ignored. 
This is It.

You. Must. Go.
You are going. 

"GO!", your heart screams at your brain.
"GO!", your brain screams at your legs.
"GO!" is all you hear, all you think, all you can focus on.
Just this:  Go.

Suddenly and daily now,
Scripture resonates with your soul.
Dawn breaks in your spirit.
Clarity settles like a fine mist.
Calm, determined, iron-fisted peace spreads through every tendon and every muscle and every place 
in your body
 till all your bones and all your joints and all your whole self
 is revved and throttled with energy. 

There are lists of books read.
There are blogs pored over. 
There are contacts hoarded.
There are plans laid.
There are steps completed. 
There are mountains climbed. 
There are walls scaled, bare-handed.
There are miracles at every turn, unmistakable.
There are prayers whispered intently like a mantra -like breathing- like your existence depends on it - 
at. all. times. 
Or so it seems. 
There are hesitations dismissed.
There are nay-sayers ignored.
There are moments when the face of God is so near, His presence so captivating and so intimate that you are in ecstasy.

You want everyone around to know this ecstasy - to join this adventure - to know breathless wonder of being caught up in magic.

There is so little magic in reality and you are watching magical things happen
 here-now-in real time!

Before is a time when the unknown 
means joyful fear.

Before is warmth.
Before crackles with excitement. 
Before sparkles with anticipation. 

Before is Revival.
Before is lovely.
But this Before is just the beginning of something


  1. I think I'd have to add another step in between Before and During--the Waiting. It's what I wrote about had most of your waiting before your before. Please pray! Pray for our waiting and pray for our baby to come soon. (And thank you again for sharing your beautiful journey with us.)