Sunday, April 22, 2012

What's your favorite thing about Ethan, who is FIVE today?

"I think he's probably the funniest little 5 year old I've ever met." 
~Uncle Terry

"I like the thought of him becoming very famous and giving me alotta money. But I do really think he is gonna be famous. Pro'ly pretend he doesn't know me. What else....he looks like ET with his shirt off. He's very independant. I like that. Ya know?"
~Uncle Bubba

"I love his big, big, big pretty blue eyes, that's for sure. And I really think Ethan is sort of a deep thinker. And I love his sensitive heart, that's one thing that I love."

"I think he's funny and he's my friend."

"I think he's really funny and he's my brother and I love him."

"Uh, no. That's 'wee-uhd'."
~Ethan, when asked if he wanted to answer 

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