Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to Adopt

This weekend I was at the legendary 
(other wise known as "Created for Care").

It. Was. Amazing.

There were whispers from the Lord, powereful moments in worship of Him,
and I basically floated home.

It was Christmas, my Birthday, and Cinco de Mayo all rolled up into one
giant sleepover weekend at a lodge with 432 other adoptive Mama's.
The most fun was diving deeper into relationship with other Ugandan
adoptive and prospective-adoptive Mama's.

While I lounged in easy frienships which are based on being a part of Jesus' Body with others who
also love the same trademarks and language and children of a country,
I also met women who were at "Step 1" of their walk to Uganda.
There was the normal interrogation.
And those are precious moments, 
the introducing of my family's adoption journey 
to a woman whose eyes are searching my face for a shimmer of her future child
as I speak.
Looking for hope.
Looking for anything.
It is a holy and tender thing and I don't take it lightly.

I found myself quietly trembling from the truth of  carefully-chosen words
which flowed like a faucet
from an unknown place of deep conviction.

Here is what I shared...

1. What is in your heart is there for a reason. Trust it. Start walking.

2. Fight for your child. Don't give up. Period.

3. If you are a Believer in Jesus, gather around you people who have like convictions
to fight with you relentlessly. Don't wink at ethics thinking this is an exception to your faith. 
This walk IS your faith.

4. Walk your own journey. Don't compare. Period. It's your own fault if you are miserable as a result.

5. Lower your expectations. At every turn. Before, in country and afterward. 
You'll likely be pleasantly surprised if you do this.

6. You cannot over-prepare. Only what's drilled will remain in your memory in the midst of a stressful, exhausting, language-barriered experience.

7. Thank Jesus at all times. Even when you are sad. Even when you are stopped. Even when you are crushed - ESPECIALLY when you are crushed.
It's not only commanded but it unties God's hands.

8. Don't give up.

9. Don't give up.

10. Don't give up.

...there may be more and I reserve the right to add to this list...
but for now, these things are at the door of my heart,
and apparently pretty readily available to tumble off my tongue.

I am not an expert, by the way...still learning.


  1. Perfect. This is why I won't let you out of my life. You're wise. And I love you...

    ...and I love that I got the word "song".

  2. a blessing to read this. I've been praying a lot for adoption. My husband isn't opposed to it but..when I asked if he was interested in adoption or if he was content with what God has given us...he said he was content but willing if its God's will. My problem is I feel like it is His will...but I don't want to push my husband. I want Him to come to me and say this is what God is doing...so I just pray...quietly and fiercely ....Jesus please.
    WE are headed to Africa in June on a family vision Trip...He is calling us to go there...to step down from a church plant and to go there...for what? were not sure...but God does. I pray its for adoption...