Monday, December 5, 2011

The Holiday Tour of TN *by the numbers*

Miles travelled in "Summer" (our trusty Toyota Sienna) in one week: 1,546 

Hours of travel in van: about 26

Hours we made it without a DVD player on board:  roughly 16

Amount spent on a "Phillips" brnd 2- screen portable DVD player from random Best Buy in Georgia: $100

Season of "The Muppet Show" bought for DVD watching: Season 2 (was a big hit, by the way)

Homes who hosted us: 5

Kids who got ill with strep throat: 2 (Ethan and Graham)

Length of time waiting to be diagnosed/get amoxicillin: approx 3 total

Lengthy, out-of-character naps taken by Ethan on his sickest day: 3

Trip to South Tunnel, birthplace of Margaret "Nina" Taylor Johnson (Andrew's grandmother in Heaven now) : 1

Tunnels we braved to find while walking the train tracks: 1

Uncles who braved the black tunnel to trek on to the second tunnel: 2

Rounds of "Trivial Pursuit": 1

Times Daddy won "Trivial Pursuit": 1

Goodies Mimi baked/cooked for us: countless

Birthday parties for Rissa's 1st Birthday: 2

Bites of cake she tasted before she really dove in: 1

Hugely oversized, fluffy, pink unicorns acquired by The Birthday Girl: 1

Stops at Starbucks for more caffeine: about 1/2 a dozen

Days we "did school": 0

Hugely oversized "Star Wars" LEGO sets the Uncles bought for the adoring nephews: like, 6?

Hours it took for LEGO sets to be assembled: at least 8

Average temperature: 55 degrees (boooooooooo)

Snowfall witnessed in inches this trip: 0 (booooooooo)

Hugs: millions

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