Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Prince Among Boys

Once upon a time
there was a boy named Joseph.

Joseph was a young and brave boy who had a hard life.
He ended up an orphan.
He ended up in Africa.
He was lonely and he must have wondered where his life took a wrong turn.
But Joseph had a God who saw him
in a land where he had been overlooked and forgotten.
Joseph's God brought him into a bright land where he was lovingly made a Prince.

Joseph was a real boy once.

Many of us have read about him in the Bible and remember this tale about 
a missing son...
who became his family's bright hope and best revival.

I want to tell you a story about another little boy named Joseph.
Once upon this time
there is a boy named Joseph.

Joseph is a brave and sweet 4 year old boy who lives
in Africa.
He is an orphan.
He is sometimes lonely
and he has been waiting for a home with parents and siblings and a future.
This Joseph?
He has a God who sees him, too.
God who made Joseph 
whispered his name to his parents in America weeks and weeks ago.

They heard: 
"When you find him, he will be Joseph because it will be 
'God who adds' to your family."

Joseph's parents knew they had a missing son.

Two weeks later?
News  of a boy named Joseph fell into this family's lap.
A boy.
Just the right age.
Just the right name.
Just the right everything.

 4 year-old, real-life boy Joseph is
about to be 
No Longer an Orphan
but a transplanted Prince among boys,
praised and loved and showered with welcomes and warmth.

And his Mama?
The Mama who heard Joseph's name in just a whisper from God~~~
who pondered how this could possibly be? and where? and how? and when?~~~
this is Arlene.
Arlene who I met at that conference in January.
Arlene who first positioned me in the direct path to Rissa.
She is about to have a son.

His name is Joseph.

To help bring him home?

within a few days we will be featuring many donated items for sale to help bring this Young Prince 
COACH bags, jewelry, Very Bradley, etc...


This is the 1st Annual Purge to Splurge...and you get in on the ground floor, y'all.

Joseph was once  a missing son
but he has a future and a family now...

...bright hope and revival included.


  1. My heart swells to hear this story retold. I don't know if I will EVER grow tired of this story of God's goodness, faithfulness and provision.

    ...and I can.not.wait. to wrap my arms around Joseph.

  2. I love hearing stories like this. Amazing! God is so good!

  3. How exciting for Joseph who presumably has no idea how much he is really loved AND wanted!

  4. Wonderful! Especially missing you today, Esty. I hope you've had a lovely Sunday.