Thursday, October 6, 2011

In and Out of The Boat

I seriously do not like boats.
I've never been on a boat yet which didn't make me want to hurl.
I live in Florida, 12 minutes from the sand
 and am married to a man who,
given all the money in the world,
(mission-minded or not)
would most likely buy a big, big boat and putter around the Bay in it to his heart's content.
However, try as I might 
armed with Dramamine or not,
I cannot handle boats.

During an anniversary trip one year, while on a boat I was so ill I thought I would rather die.
Dramatic? Yes. True? Totally.
The Captain handed me a beer.
Me. The non-drinker. 
Me, with a multi-generational legacy of hard-drinking Easter European alcoholics for family
who doesn't drink for very good reasons, 
was offered a beer.
Since I was already inviting death at that point because of the nausea, 
I drank it.
And it helped in so many ways I cannot even tell you.
20 minutes later I ate a sandwich,
put on snorkling gear,
jumped out of the boat
and splashed about happily with the fishies.
{Who knew?}

Getting out of the Boat? 
Not hard.
Getting back in again?
Getting nauseated all over again once the boat moved on?
Exasperating and exhausting.

There's a correlation for me here, with obedience.
I can get out of the boat once I wrap my head around it and commit to obeying.
It goes well because obedience brings blessing.
I get out - Jesus meets me.
I take a break - He beckons again... I...
 get nauseated.

Lately, I am finding the small things of obedience much more challenging to obey than
The Grand Requests.
Lately, submission is hard.
Debt payoff.
Being accused and biting back a verbal punch.
Accepting silence from Heaven.
Planlessness. (is that a word? no? well, you still get it.)

"God! I got out of the boat once! You walked me through it and I want to walk through it with You again! C'mon Coach, put me in the game!"
Rocking on the sea brings motion sickness.
Walking on water is much more glamorous!
And there's a breeze! 
And people watch!
And I see a Vision of Loveliness!

Ethereal vision requires more eye strain from inside a too-warm cabin with a tiny octagonal window.

Obedience is a daily task.
Some days it's an interesting climb up the rigging for a breathtaking vista...
some days it's below deck scraping breakfast dishes.
But ...
obedience isn't so much about what we do as about why we do it
and how.

"I will run in the way of your commandments   
 for you set my heart free"
~Psalm 119:23

Oh, that my freed heart would chase Jesus
and not just a trip out onto the water.
Oh, that I were content to wander the menial and monotonous with or without a calm belly
instead of dropping anchor and marching on ahead blindly.

Wow. For a girl who can't stand boats
I sure used alotta ship-related terms. 


  1. I always love how your posts leave me with a lot to think about. : )

  2. You make me smile. :) I LOVE your heart!!
    And your new pics of your kiddos make me smile too! :)

  3. Esty, I love you so much. Can you write a book please?

  4. Can I be in the cabin next door? Right there with you " finding the small things of obedience much more challenging to obey than
    The Grand Requests."