Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Ghost

Living with the Ghost of my daughter's Other Mama
is like walking through the home of a friend...
when she's not there.
I hear her voice echoing.
I see her silhouette walking the halls.
I see her fingerprints on everything I touch.

She is very much present.
Not threatening - not troubling - not antagonistic...
but present nonetheless.

I need to live with her Ghost graciously.

Because my daughter will need to be taught to do the same.

Teach me, God. I feel haunted sometimes by this sweet smothering. But I am wary of dismissing it.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Beachy Vacation 2011

This summer we just stayed put. 
This autumn however? 
We ventured "Way Up North"for a beachy vacation.
(for us: "Way Up North" = the Florida panhandle)

"Wait, don't you live at the beach?", you may be asking.
 But "Way Up There" we are on vacation at the beach.
And there is a difference.

We met some of our BFF's at their family's house/trailer combo 
a mere 2 blocks from the sand.
There were NINE kids.
TWO normally-overworked, happily rested Daddy's.
TWO makeup-free, carefree Mama's who handed out Twizzlers and Oreo's on demand, all day long.
$450 worth of groceries. (mostly chips, cookies and garbage bags)
1 Mini-golf adventure.
1 movie theatre extraveganza.
2 nights out to dinner as a "party of 4 + 6 kids + 2 high chairs" 
{during which, I might add, all the kids were really well-behaved!
They were too exhausted to act normal.}
1 night of "Kilwin's" ice cream cones for dinner.
1 sandy double stroller.
9  jellyfish, 1 dragonfly and 1 crab captured and buried alive by some savage little boys.
11 dollar store shell necklace souveniers.
1 million pale-hued collected shells.
1 icy cold pool below a twisty slide which ALL 4 parents DID descend while screaming.
And a whole lotta lotta lotta fun.
The whole thing is to be repeated ASAP and often.

Huge, raging success.

Totally a sweet gift from the Lord.