Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What Life Sounds Like {this week}

"Can we waste some money?"~
Ethan, 4 years old responding to my description of how gambling in a slot machine location we were driving by is actually just wasting money.

"I don't think that's appropriate, Mama."~
Luke, 8.5 years old correcting me when I offered to tape record an episode of a new network TV program of world-racing expedition including daredevil sports.

"Purpose is my middle name."~
Graham, 5.5 years old quickly denying wrongdoing by welcoming mischief when accused by Luke of "hurting (him) on purpose."

"I'm sorry that you sleeped'ed all night."~
 Ethan, passive agressively blaming Andrew for catching up on some Zzzz's during the evening hours after he had worked 4 consecutive night shifts, when Andrew came to tuck the boys into bed
 before leaving for work.

"I'm so confused."~
 Graham, in defeated response when misunderstood and too tired to make the effort.

"Mama. You shrunk."~
Luke, assessing his growth by insulting my height.


  1. <3 this! your kids are cuties!

  2. Love it. That Ethan is somethin. What is it with the 3rd boy? Jad and I were going on a walk for our datenight and jos said, "well Jesus said NOT to walk in darkness." okay mr Smarty Pants.

  3. Cuties! All of them. They are just great!