Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summertime...and The Living Was Easy

I've been hushed.
No writing by me for 26 days.
Maybe a record.
Partially because there are things I have been keeping busy with which are better kept a little quiet ~

{my African attorney's visit to the States and our group's rowdy reunion with her}
{helping 2 dear friends, each chasing referrals for orphaned children they want to bring home}
{a little thing called SCHOOL which began a week ago}

~ and partically because I've been aware of the need to invest
deliberately in my own nest~

but in the midst, somehow
 summertime melted clean away.

It was a still, sweet summer.
Intentional. Contented. Unhurried. 

But summer 2011 is almost ended now.
It's 8:36PM right now and all blackness beyond those glass doors over there
where only a month ago I would have still seen orange and purple coloring the sky.

The school year is in swing.
Routine. Schedule. Demands.

Co-op, swimming, soccer, friends, birthdays, calandars and serious bedtimes...
the shift is welcome but a little jarring to someone who enjoys being
 (shall we say...)
a bit non-conformist.
And fashionably late, by nature.

I'm catching the wings of the last firefly of summer,
leaving these pictures of Summer 2011 here
 to capture the tone of our months after Rissa came home...
and the dreamy, relaxed days
of our first summer as a


  1. Started our day by scrolling through these pics over and over again - I'm going to have to make a Rissa slideshow to appease my daughter. ;)

  2. Beautiful photos and beautiful family!

  3. I can't get over how beautiful your daughter looks in all these photos. I love the one at the beach where she's on daddy's shoulders on you are looking up at her and exchanging smiles.