Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Saved Life: The Incredible Story of Mr. Miles

When I was waiting all through 2010 to begin our adoption there was 
1 friend
in particular who
always had time to mentor me.

Her name is Debbie.
She is a Mama, too. 
She has 4 kids. 3 were born in China.
And Debbie always said the 1 thing that Prospective Adoptive Parent's
all want to hear:
that  my day would come. 

Debbie would send me emails that ended with:
"Just think! You are one day closer to Rissa!"
This was long before we knew Rissa existed.

Debbie is exceedingly special to me.
Debbie made me believe in my own dream.

When Debbie and I would talk I would be listening for hope
 and she would hand it over generously.
Once during a marathon-length-talk, 
Debbie said:
"Esty, don't despise the timing being 'off'. 
There's a reason you are meant to go whenever you go."

Now, I knew why Debbie had said this.
When she brought home their #4 from China,
they were denied travel and had to wait another 6 weeks
& travel with an entirely different group of adoptive families to China.
It had been over Christmas that year and she had been sorely disappointed.
It was really hard for them to wait till January.
But during that trip to China in January they met another adoptive family...
and in time 
 Debbie was instrumental in a miracle for this family.

I knew Debbie was right - but really, I believed that she was right about HER situation.
Maybe not so much about mine.

When things fell outside of my perfect timeline I was frustrated and blinded by consuming desperation.

Or so I behaved.

There was, after all, another family waiting on us.
They never, ever pressured us but I pressured us plenty.
After all: our daughter was surely sick!
This other family was waiting on us!
We had court looming!
Andrew's time off was approaching!
I had a PLAN!
When all was said and done The. Timeline. worked beautifully,
no thanks at all to my worrying.
(eye roll at myself)

*there's a lesson right there for me*

We got there across the oceans.
We got her in our own arms.
We were good.

While we were in Ug@nda we wondered at Rissa's good health, 
marveled that she could be ill at all...
but set it aside and assumed we would find out more at Home in the USA.

Meanwhile, another family was in-country while we were.
I had met her, Sara, at that conference in February.
She had been the kindest soul at our table.
I couldn't wait to see her.
When we met up in Ug@nda, 
Sara told me that another gal from that conference and her sister, too
were each adopting a baby boy from an orphanage nearby.
Sara had visited these 2 baby boys.
who were both hospitalized currently.
They were each under 1 year old.
She asked whether Andrew would go see them -
give his opinion?
He easily agreed.

The following day Andrew, me, Rissa and our Brilliant Driver
headed for the state-run hospital for Andrew to visit these 2 baby boys.

Mr. Doctor Husband marched in - - - 
long hair
ball cap
tennis shoes.

20 minutes later he emerged.
Changed to his core.
Head quietly hung.
Shaking his head almost imperceptibly.
"There were 12 babies in there.",
 he murmurs, processing medically as he talks out loud.
There is no medicine in this facility.
"At least 10 of them should have been on a ventilator."
And the youngest baby? Miles?
The sister-of-a-friend-of-a-friend's baby?
He weighed 9lbs.
He struggled to empty his lungs of carbon dioxide, 
toiled to breathe in air.
"That kid's not gonna make it through the night."

Andrew looks defeated.
This was it.
Medicine or Miles is done.

I have heard him talk about patients before but they are always patients. 
Not my friend's baby.

We sat and thought.
Racked our brains.
Asked our Brilliant Driver what on earth to do.
Called Sara.
Discussed some more.
Called the US director of the baby home.
Called the adoptive Mommy in Georgia.
Called an ambulance.
Andrew, Sara and Another Mama got him transferred to a hospital with medicine.
4 hours later Miles was receiving a breathing treatment while seated on Andrew's lap,
squawling and glaring healthily at Andrew,
who laughed in relief at the angry, tiny thing.

The next week his Mommy came to care for him with her own hands 
and love and bottles and snuggles.

That was then.

This is now.

Miles came home with his Mommy 
to his Daddy,
 2 big brothers
and a VERY relieved extended family.

The Saved Life.
I thought it would be Rissa.

But really...
it was Miles.

My friend Debbie was right all along.

The Lord was pacing us.
The metronome kept time.
The world spun correctly.
Miles sleeps in his crib tonight in Georgia
and Rissa in hers here under my own roof
and when I lay down in my own soft bed I will feel tears seep from under closed lids,
 run down my smiling cheeks
while I repeat to my God Who Hears All Things:

Who is like you, LORD God Almighty?
   You, LORD, are mighty, and your faithfulness surrounds you.
~Psalm 89:8


  1. I LOVE the way you tell stories about our great BIG God!!

  2. I have tears in my eyes! Thank you so much for sharing this story! Wow...we serve one incredible God! Hugs!

  3. I was tearing up again as I read this. Thanks for being "my Debbie" the other night on the phone--you gave hope and inspiration and encouragement!

    I love the story He is writing into your lives, Esty. Another beautiful post.


  4. Love it. Please know that you were both great support for me too. I feel lucky every day to know you both.

  5. You are an amazing friend & I feel honored to know you. I'm thankful that God places friends in my life all because of adoption. Adoption is awesome. And I love seeing children find their forever families. We adopted because of infertility. As difficult as it was (and still sometimes is) to deal with, I'm so thankful that we did/do have infertility problems. Because if we did not have the issues, I would not have our 3 awesome miracles from China, and I would not have the many, many friends who I've met all because of adoption. God has a plan for all of us. And it usually is not our plan or on our timing. As hard as it is to accept, it is easier to accept and go through when you have a friend who has already been there. I'm so glad I was able to be there for you. And I'm glad you are "paying it forward" to others. :-) Love you! And I'm so glad our paths crossed a few years ago. :-)

  6. Love this picture of truth. I needed it tonight. Thank you.

  7. amazing story...thanks for sharing!!!!!

  8. tears, tears, tears, tears! i love this.

    i have seen God do this over and over again....especially evident in adoption. it has been such a peace as july 15th is here without a court date. i cannnot WAIT to see why we had to wait TWENTY TWO weeks after filing for a court date to have one. i don't understand why, but i REST in Him--and wait expectantly on the perfectly timed happenings.

    thank you for sharing.

  9. Yay for Miles! Yay for Andrew! Yay for God!

  10. Absolutely amazing. I have chills reading this.

    I would love to repost this on We Are Grafted In ( if you would allow us to. We would need a bio for you and a picture of you to use with it. And, you should ask the family you are talking about here if that's okay with them too, of course.

    Let me know what you think!