Monday, June 6, 2011

***Africa*** Part 4 -- The End and The Beginning

This should be "The End of Our African Adventure to Adopt Our Daughter".

Should be, but it's Not The End of Anything.

It's Another Beginning.

There were not enough days in Uganda for us.
If the boys could have joined us we could have happily stuck around for a good deal longer.
Becoming African suited us.

Now, to be sure:
mosquito nets are not glamorous...
the heat is noteworthy...
and the food can be challenging for an American palate...
but truthfully

We dug it.
We began to become African.

We met courageous people.
We saw unadorned and sursprising beauty.
We realized perpetual, mountainous need.

Our eyes were opened.

Our goals are changed.

Our lives are shifting.

Africa will not leave us now.

I see Africa in my child's face
I hear Africa in scatters of music
I sense Africa in little ways constantly.

And I we miss it.


Could we be satisfied now?
Could we tell God we will just serve Him here
(and be quite comfortable, incidentally)
and take family portraits with my little girl FINALLY added into the mix?
Could we be content to send money to people in Africa?
Could we please just get over all of this life-shifting,
revolutionary stuff?

This is no longer the question.

Why would we ever want to be satisfied with this again?

I can't tell what is ahead but I will tell you this:
There is just no telling what comes next.

Stay Tuned.


  1. I LOVE the picture of her resting on your chest sucking her thumb. PRECIOUS!

  2. I cannot WAIT to see what happens! I know you two will make magic happen no matter where you are!! Lots of Love to you all!

  3. So glad you will never be the same again. :)

  4. It totally gets in your blood, doesn't it? I often feel I'm half African too. :0)

  5. Gorgeous. Amazing. Incredible. Beautiful. Lovely. I need a thesaurus!!