Thursday, April 14, 2011

Three Days

Great Fun Day here!
Skype'd with a dear pal first thing this AM
who we are meeting once we arrive in Africa.
She is already there so Skyp'ing with her is like
seeing myself in a week.
So that was mucho fun for me!
Maybe not so much fun for her, however since I have to virtually scream for her to hear me for some odd, computer-gadgety-related reason.
(example:) Me: "She is so cute!", screamed emphatically regarding either of her 2
newly-adopted daughters.
Her: "What's that? Cute? Oh, yeah! Thanks!"

But still all kinds of fun.

And school?
Finished in April, you ask?
The 2nd grade homeschool experiment has officially ended.
Now, I won't say we completed every jot and tittle of Luke's book work
he finished not one but TWO complete Math curriculums this school year.
He has ready somewhere in the neighrborhood of 20 chapter books.
The most recent novel, Stink: Solar System Superhero
was finished in 3 days flat.
And he most loved History, since we both read Virgil Hillyer's
A Child's History of the World
aloud which taught us both so very much
and also
The Usborne Book of World History
which I found him reviewing without being told to the other day, happily perusing the pages on the living room couch:
Every Homeschool Mama's Dream.

{Ask the kid to name an adjective though?
Good luck.
He'lll most likely guess:
"House! Tree! Dog! I don't know! Four??!"}
(eye roll)

So homeschooling, outside of review for the next few months so we don't get too rusty
 (both of us)
is over for 2010/2011 school year.
He gets reviewed by a state-approved educator (not moi),
that gets sent to the School Board for filing,

Next year: Classical Conversations!
And that's an adventure for another time.

For today there was celebrating to be done!
So, new ball caps for everyone:

...and then a trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop so that I could
record a message in a bear for them to snuggle while Andrew and I are away.

 checking how snuggly the bear is
 being goofy to amuse my kid
...they do this thing where you rub the little red heart that gets sewn into the bear all over
like, your arms so it's like hugging them and your ears so it's like hearing them, etc...
...and then you finally kiss and hug the heart before it gets buried inside your bear of choice. cracked Luke up. So, it worked.
 Ethan did his own thing. Typical and amusing as always.
 Graham and Luke got the whole Build-A-Bear show.
 And it was a sunshiney day.
 So, this is what my bedroom looks like.
And before you are too impressed with me:
this is what my laundry room looks like.
Oh, yeah.

This is my last Thursday without Rissa.



  1. So, I'm DYING to know--did Ethan's heart rubbing entail "squish rubbings?" ;o) That's all I could think of, when I first read that!

    HOLY LOAD OF STUFF, batman--that's a BIG load!!! So, will you just put 3-4 more little Ugandans in those suitcases to share with "moi" when you come back? Plenty of room? I could fit in one of those bad boys! :o)

    Hoping you sleep well these next THREE SLEEPS before you go to get your "Easter Peep." ;o) I love u. I am praying for you. Every.Single.Day.


  2. ESTY! I would comment on every single post (I just caught up - I was a little behind), but probably every singe comment would say something like, "Esty! I can't believe it!" =D

    Esty! I can't believe it! ;) Here you are, only 4 more days?! Your family is beautiful. Now. This Thursday. Then. This Sunday.

    I actually sit here right now, with my new, hand-me-down, beautiful, ancient globe sitting on my desk (It reads strange things, like U.S.S.R and Czecho-Slovakia and things like that). Kellyn must have spun it . . . Uganda is staring straight at me. I think of you there and you are right. You were born for this. And so was she.

    Be safe, my friend. Consider yourself hugely hugged! I will be praying and can't WAIT to read your upcoming posts!