Monday, April 11, 2011

Six Days

Pick up Andrew's new suit for court.
Get Embassy forms notarized.
Buy aspirin to take on long flights.
Call bank.
Call cell phone company.
Call and confirm flights.
Call airport, beg for  boys' clearance to come to the gate when we return.
Call a hundred other places.
Finish last week of Luke's 2nd grade homeschool curriculum.
See Andrew on Wednesday.
Take the dog for a haircut, buy another bag of food for him to give to my dear buddy who is adopting him for the next month. (What? - He eats a lot.)
Find un-wrinkled, un-stained, crisp $50 bills for visas once we arrive.
Buy an international outlet adapter.
Make list of bills for Mom to use as she pays them for me, when they arrive in my mail.
Show her how to do that.
Buy Ethan's 4th birthday gifts.
For his 4th birthday.
Which we will be missing.
Buy Easter baskets.
Leave surprises for the boys.
Clean this house up, top to bottom.
Get list of helpful phone numbers complied for Mother-in-law, who will be me for 2 weeks.
Pack for me.
Pack for Rissa.
Pack for Andrew.
Pack for caregivers.
Pack for ministries we are visiting in country.
Pack carry-on's.
Pack Pak-N-Play.
Get a good book for the plane.
Make list of email contacts to send mass emails while we are traveling.
Play with the boys.
Convince them I will come home again soon.
Enjoy them.
Be thankful.
Calm restless heart.
Stare at Rissa's picture.


  1. Oh Esty,
    What a joyful and busy week you will have! I wish we were closer and could help with things. We are helping the only way we can from Massachusetts - praying, praying, praying! I love you, my friend, and can't wait to hear of your journey to bring your girl home! We talk about you guys often in our house!
    Much love,
    Amy (for the Diamondidises)

  2. Saw your story on sixtyfeet...
    I'm so glad you guys are honestly sharing your story.

  3. Oh, beautiful Esty! God bless your family!

  4. Whew! No wonder Caden and I didn't see you on Skype just now! =) Put us on your e-mail list so we know exactly what to be praying for (beyond the obvious). Love you all, Kristin