Saturday, April 16, 2011


I have this "Les Miserables" song running through my head today.
Fellow former chorus nerds? 
You will feel me here.

"One day more.
Another day, another destiny.
Tomorrow we'll discover 
What our God in Heaven has in store! 
One more dawn 
One more day 
One day more!"

(and for the record: I always prefered Eponine to Cosette.)

This. Time. Tomorrow. we are on a 747 winging our way to our Rissa.
Our Amaris.
Our Promise from God.
Milk chocolate skin and ebony almond eyes.
A four-month-old, toothless grin
and chubby arms.
Springy, sparse curls and soft, pale palms.
My flesh and blood in an African body.
My beloved child.

Tonight we both swallow aspirin and anti-malarial pills
whispering to our veins and blood cells, 
to our immune systems and livers 
 "prepare for Africa".

And we comfort the boys with verses about anxieties tossed at Jesus' feet,
about bravery and hope,
about promises and love
about sacrifice and protection.

The infamous Rollercoaster of Adoption?
Oh, no - we are way past that.
Now it's more like the rocking gondola of a wild ferris wheel.
My emotions turbulant like a crazed washing machine,
plummeting to despair over leaving the boys and 
skyrocketing to joy over reaching our 
Sweet Rissa.

One Day More
and we will discover what our God in Heaven has in store


  1. Oh, me too! I loved Eponine with her beautiful sacrifice!
    And oh, one day more. And then you can sing "I Have a Castle on a Cloud" to your new little one! (or bring her up here and I'll sing it to her!)

  2. ESTY and ANDREW! This is it! The moment you have prayed for, lived for, prepared for . . . it's here! I am jubilant for you as you make final preparations for your early-morning departure tomorrow. You are in my constant thoughts and prayers today and you will be tomorrow. God bless you both, dear friends, in your travels to your precious little girl.

    Love you all,
    Amy Diamondidis

  3. I just saw your story on the 60 feet website. My husband and I are currently saving and hoping to adopt from Uganda soon. Prayers for a safe trip, and I look forward to hearing about the joyful homecoming of your daughter!! God Bless!