Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Four Days

Andrew's day off.
A day off from almost everything for us, except for play time.
I had breakfast with a dear friend.
In a leisurely way.
We did school math.
And we packed Andrew's suitcase carry-on.
(All actual suitcase space is reserved for cargiver/ministry/gift/baby items.)
Other than that: we are "off" today, as a family.
It's not a day to discuss much
demand much
work much
answer the phone
concentrate too hard.

It's a day to swim, sleep, drink coffee with my sister, watch an afternoon movie, play a game,
appreciate that this is so, so easy.
Our lives are not about the pursuit of ease
but we can sure value the luxury of comfort when it shows up.

Today is a soft, worn quilt of contentment.
Today is a lazy pelican circling lapping waves.

Today is a cooing owl on a summer's night.

Today is easy.

"I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness--secret riches. I will do this so you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, the one who calls you by name." ~Isaiah 45:3

Today the hidden treasure is my boys.

It's the last day of only my boys and me.

I remember feeling this way before I had Ethan, as I lay in the hospital on bedrest:
"What was our last normal day, just me and the big boys?"
I was frantic to remember the precious interactions we had.
I remember this painlessly now,
knowing life is a million times sweeter with Ethan in our world
and yet, it happens again:
mentally recording our last times without
My New Baby Who Will Change Things for a While.

Treasure. Riches.

Mary Beth Chapman talks about this a little in Choosing to SEE,
and it helps to know that all Mama's go through this,
the tiny relinquishing of the familiar to take hold of the new.

It's not painful.
But it is noteworthy.

The view from where I sit.

He talked them into napping with him. Sort of.

 don't despise Mama for sharing these bits, darling baby - I will mentally grab images of our togetherness when we bring your baby sister home, too One Day. I will wrap you up tightly in my lap as Baby of the House for the last time and it will be bittersweet then, too. Daddy and I are still gazing with silly smiles at your picture today, ecstatic and juliant and wishing the next 4 days away. In case you wondered. You belong here. We can't wait.


  1. tears. and more tears...know this feeling all too well...rejoicing with you as you spend the "last day" with just your boys but also for what's to come...

  2. Wonderful! We are one day behind you and cannot WAIT!!

  3. So glad to hear of a day off to appreciate "normal" one last time before the "new normal" sets in. You needed Sabbath rest, girl. Praise God for granting it to you. Breathe deeply!! And you know I am loving the beauty of that scripture.

    We LOVE you, Rissa, and we LOVE what God has done and is still doing in the hearts of your Mommy and Daddy and big brothers. You are one very, very special baby. Please don't ever forget that. You are exactly where God planned for you to be long before he created you. And that is one amazing family.

  4. I want to be going with you to get my own little one so badly I could scream. Fourth child will come someday, I know. But you are so close!! Thanks for sharing it all with us; it's so beautiful!