Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Five Days

Packing by the Numbers:

5: days until we leave

21-31: days we anticipate being gone

4: large suitcases

2: rolling carry-on suitcases

1: diaper bag

1: back pack

1: Pak N Play

300: total weight, in pounds

1: laptop with Skype account for talking to home

2: very good pair of headphones

1: box each of aspirin, Citrucel, Flagyl, Ambien, Malarone, Phenegran, Tylenol, Zofran, etc, etc, etc

8997: miles between departing and arriving airports

27: hours of traveling

1: pair of pants for me, since I will be wearing mostly skirts

2: pair of shorts for him, since he will mostly be wearing khaki's

1: copy of our dossier on us

4: Lindt truffles gift bags for flight crews (we are NOT above sucking up)

6: small small bottles of hand sanitizer

1: pop-up mesh laundry hamper (don't underestimate my OCD tendencies)

1: box of Tide laundry powder

150: Playtex disposable baby bottle liners

120: diapers

1: pair of adorable white patent leather shoes for Rissa for court

25: blank Thank you cards

4: bottles of 100% DEET mosquito repellant

36: packages of "Starbucks Via" coffee

1: bottle of powdered "Sweet Italian Cream" coffee creamer

2: babywearing slings

8: total weight, in pounds of Dum-Dum lollipops for children

1: new, incredibly soft teddy-bear "lovey" for Rissa, courtesy of my baby shower and our church's children's ministry director

1: Build-A-Bear cub, named "Little Bear" with recorded messages of love from our sons we are taking with us, courtesy of my sister

12: family and friends at the airport just to see us off!

1: new biography of Tina Fey I am having trouble keeping my hands off of until we leave

120: hours till we board

168: hours till we meet our beautiful daughter!!!


  1. praying for your travels, court, and your sweet boys. Can't wait to see pictures of the daughter you have been praying for.

  2. I am SOOO excited for you guys :) Love all the numbers...brings back so much memories of packing for the great unknown!!!! Go get that baby!

  3. We're over-the-top, head-over-heels, couldn't-be-more-happy excited for you! Know that you will be covered with prayer for the next month especially.

  4. Our very best wishes to you all Esty, we'll be thinking of each of your family (and Grandma Mimi) in the days ahead.
    Safe travels and thanks for the blog updates so far,
    God bless,
    Jo, Jac and Marty

  5. Hi. Blessings to you on your journey. I have been over about 7 times and thought I would share a little...

    If you want to save a little bit of space and weight, you can get a good powder detergent in Uganda at any of the larger supermarkets in Kampala or Jinja. It wasn't that expensive at all. I prefer to use my weight allowance on things I can't get there at all.

    Also, for whatever reason, I actually like the instant Ugandan coffee called Star. If you have hot milk and mix it in, it is actually quite tasty, imho. So, if you run out of Via, might consider that.

    The suckers are totally worth taking. Not sure if you have ever been to Uganda, but depending on where you are going, make sure to explain to take off the wrapper. On one trip, we were a ways out, not in an area where many visitors go and the kids started trying to eat with wrapper on. If you run out, there is good, fairly inexpensive candy at Uchimi supermarket in Kampala at Garden City Mall.

    Love the thank you card idea. If you want to take a special gift for a caretaker, costume jewelry is lightweight and the ladies LOVE that.

    Praying for a smooth journey for you.

  6. Oh, Esty. Wow, are you having a hard time sleeping? It seems like you'd be too excited to sleep!!!! The count down is in HOURS now. Whoa.

    I laughed about your laundry hamper. And I love that you're taking some Via coffee...a woman who has her priorities straight, clearly.

    I will be praying for you guys. Please post photos of your trip if you get internet access. I'm smiling so big right now.