Friday, April 1, 2011

17 Days and Counting...

Ethan, Former Head of Cupcake Marketing
Kept screaming: "Get your fwee cupcakes!" Was demoted.

This Wednesday was our family's First Annual Participation in
to benefit
and send $$$ to Uganda's remand centers for imprisoned children.

It was delicious.
And yes, completely exhausting!
But I had some wonderful, amazing, generous, godly girlfriends who volunteered to help!

We had a super-fun time and raised $236.42 to pitch in and help.
More than that though, we were able to pray with our collective 12 (soon-to-become-15!) offspring
who were helpfully marketing with poster-board signs
and try to help them understand WHAT we were doing and WHY.
It's amazing to watch the confusion on a 2nd grader's face when you explain that the kids we are helping send $$$ to have NO parents, NO homes, NO safety.
It's why I want our boys to come to Uganda - not on this upcoming trip but very soon.

Andrew and I will be blessed to visit the Remand Center in Uganda we are raising $$$ for when we travel this month, we hope.
We will see the faces.
We will touch the skin.
We will hug the hungry bodies.
We will be able to treat their wounds and listen to their quiet lungs and broken hearts in thin chests.

I do not expect to return to bright, vaction Beachtown the same person.

We leave in 17 days.





  1. AWESOME!!!! You have me pumped for ours on the 15th :) That will be amazing if you get to visit and see what you are donating to, and i am hoping we will get to do the same next time we go to Uganda (whenever that is :)

  2. Yay for the power of cupcakes!! They look super yummy :) Well done!
    B xxx

  3. Yummo! Smart! every way.