Monday, March 28, 2011

Waiting, Packing and Hurrying

There's alot a ridiculous amount of stuff going on around here.
We are packing for Africa.
We are packing, presumably for 4 weeks.
We are packing for a baby whose weight hasn't been measured lately, whom we have never met before.
We are preparing an entire nursery here at home simultaneously, because I feel quite certain the very last thing I will want to deal with when I arrive home bedraggled and nesting with a new baby will be decor.
We are finishing up our entire homeschool year for the same reason.
We are stocking up on medications, diapers, donations for the caregivers, baby clothes of various sizes,
 non-perishable snacks, Flagyl, fiber, and money.
We are writing notes to the boys to open while we are overseas without them.
We are making a will.
We are meeting with our Pastor to seek final counsel and stay centered.
We still have to get our last set of fingerprints done and get our I171-H from U.S. immigration.
We are making arrangements for the dog in our life.
Oh, and he needs a haircut.
Oh, and we need Andrew to buy a suit for court.
Oh, and we need formula for Rissa.
Oh, and Mylicon and Teething Tablets and oh - how do I do her hair again?
Oh, and about a million other things that swirl around fighting for first position on the To Do Lists in my brain at all times.

I think most of my dearest friends believe I have forgotten how to use the phone
since I never return calls anymore.

I think we MAY finish Luke's school by April 15.

I think we MAY be flying to Uganda on April 18.

That's TWENTY-ONE DAYS from today.


So yes - lots of things to tie up, lots to still accomplish, lots to look forward to.
The most challenging thing?
Staying in the moment.
Remaining here, mentally.
Refusing to agonize about challenges, trusting the Lord enough to let Him anticipate them for me.
Thanking Him.
Even for glitches.
It's been the theme, thanking Him.
It's the most intense mental battle of them all.
I love Jesus Calling and have needed to hear what it has had to say lately:

*March 5 = "Learn to make friends with the problems in your life."
*March 6 = "Continue on this path with Me, enjoying My Presence even in adversity."
*March 11 = "As you take steps of faith depending on Me I will show you how much I do."
*March 12 = "Waiting, trusting and hoping are intricately connected like golden strands interwoven to form a strong chain."
*March 26 = "Waiting on Me means directing your attention to Me in anticipation of what I will do."
 (and the kicker this week:)
*March 25 = "Let thankfulness temper all your thoughts. A thankful mind keeps you in touch with Me."

I am learning to wait, pack, hurry and wait and pack some more.
And be thankful.


  1. I am in awe as I sit here reading this!!!! Can you believe it?? Ok, so can I suggest you get a prescription for Phenergan ( for nausea and vomiting)? It was really handy to have- and they can make it in cream to rub on your inner wrists. Huge. Lifesaver. :)

  2. I think I have a stash of Enfamil $5 coupons-ya want? Also talk w/ Andrea--w/ her company-she mentioned being able to buy one of the brands they produce, in for thought.

    Thanks for replying today-glad to know all is "well" and you're NOT in hiding. ;o) I love you. All of you. And can't wait to see you in June or so, once you all get back/settled and begin as a family of SIX! (just in TIME for VBS! WOOHOO! lol. j/k. kinda. )

  3. Just had to say that I LOVE Jesus Calling too! March 12 is one I go back to quite often :) Blessings as you prepare to travel. What a joyful chaos this is! :)

  4. Wow. I can not even begin to fathom. You guys are in our prayers. I am so excited!

  5. Oh, Esty. I am SO rejoicing with you. Just a few months ago we were on the phone and you were in a very different place. I have admired your persistence towards God--seeking Him fervently to show you His plan for this adoption, and through you, I'm mindful of how those who ask shall receive. The way he revealed little Rissa to you is an INCREDIBLE story of His power and love. He can do ANYTHING! And my, it's happening all SO FAST! I'm so excited for you.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you guys make all the preparations to go get your girl. HOLLA!!!

  6. I can't believe you are so close to holding your baby girl in your arms!! I keep thinking of how if you had written this story (even as the wonderful writer you are) it would be so bland compared to how God is writing it!! He is being glorified through you guys and THAT is what it is all about!! There is a girly box on it's way to you! Open it when you need to take a break from packing and dealing with details!!! We love you guys!! ~Kris

  7. I cannot wait to Skype you holding your sweet little rissa'! I keep thinking of how Im going to get her right uo to the camera so you can see all about her over the computer and what she's up to and weight and etc etc etc:). It will be such a joy to me!!! Yay! We leave in 6 days so you will hopefully get to see your rissa inside of a week and a half:). That is definitely praise worthy!!!! :)

  8. How exciting!! I will be praying as you journey.