Thursday, February 3, 2011


All sorts of packing around here this week.

Packing for a wonderful girls' weekend north of Atlanta this weekend,
~~~an adoptive Mama's dream~~~
a conference devoted to all things adoptive parenting like:

*Attachment 101
*Adoption Right From the Start For the Little Ones – (Birth to Age Four)
*Post Adoption: Joys and Challenges
*African-American Girl's Haircare

and lots of  laughing, crying, staying up late and chocolate! fellowship


as Andrew refers to it:
"Lots of 'Babies, babies, babies, DESTINY!, crying and Babies.'"

Either way, this weekend arrives in a timely manner.

After a rollercoastery month of disillusionment this conference is refreshment for me.

So, I have been packed for 2 days am packing and heading out in the morning.

Many folks have spoken such love to Andrew and I the last few weeks, walking through the discouragement with China with us faithfully.
MANY times people have encouraged us that our daughter is out there.
Affirmed that we will bring her home.
That God has a plan.
Yes, that's all true.
there are times when it has not felt true.

Some days I have felt other people were more certain than I was that she would ever come home.
That she will be a reality.
Convincing words only made me wonder.
As sure as I am that we must obey God and keep walking front...of the other...
I have felt in some moments unconvinced that this would all end with
a daughter.

maybe we are just obeying to obey
maybe it's a trick
maybe obedience will not pay off
maybe this won't work

After all, In the Wilderness,
 The Promised Land was always around the bend in the road
but some Israelites never entered in.

Maybe. that's. me.

And THEN, I heard something wonderful.

"When you need to find faith?

It's got to be willful. Intentional. Forceful, even.
 So we've been packing.
Some days every few hours, deliberately going to the Word, looking for the Lord
knowing that
*Jeremiah 29:11

So, we've been packing.
Packing bags, packing in scripture, gearing up for the Journey ahead.
Stay tuned.


  1. Love your obedience and desire to be in the WORD!! Praying for you guys!

  2. Esty--

    I'm so excited you are getting away for the weekend--I hope that conference is an AWESOME experience!

    You make a good and hard point...many Israelites never saw the promised land...never saw the impact of their obedience. That's so hard to wrestle with.

    It's also really hard when the truth of God's word doesn't FEEL true.

    Praying for you--hope you experience some rest and peace this weekend.


  3. Take lots of notes for me, especially on the caring for African American girls' hair. ;) Have a great time!

  4. Praying that God gives you HIS courage to continue down this road; HIS discernment of where it is that your daughter awaits you; HIS strength to stand strong in the journey! I have seen a number if people run into similar roadblocks, only to see that such roadblocks help point them in the right direction to THE very child God had chosen for them from the very beginning. I look forward to following your journey!

  5. It was so good meeting you this weekend! I pray the Lord ministered to you greatly! I look forward to reading your blog :).

    Bless you! Gisele