Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Ark

Something struck me last night as I was reading to the boys out of our favorite family devotional staple,

We were reading about Noah's Ark.
This version is your basic re-telling, beautifully written ~ that's all.
But something occured to me as I read aloud.

Noah had never seen rain in his lifetime.
But he built the Ark anyhow.
He was doubted and mocked and misunderstood but he OBEYED God.
Even though he could not FATHOM what rain was, let alone imagine it covering the entire Earth.
Then he did something so tremendously simple and completely profound.
He got in the Ark.
BEFORE it started raining.

Just to be clear, it hit me that:

He built it.
And he got INTO the Ark and got closed in completely
BEFORE it even started raining.

There was no "proof" God would send water from the heavens.
This impossible, imaginary, unbelieveable fact that RAIN WAS COMING was enough to
 his life, his convictions, his status in the community, his reality, his family, his home and his future forever.

Noah could have refused.
Noah could have complained.
Noah could have procrastinated.
Noah could have waivered.
Noah could have doubted.
Noah could have run.
Noah could have become disillusioned.
Noah could have become discouraged.

But instead he got in. BEFORE it rained.
Imagine what he would've missed out on .

This is so profound to me because oura family is closed into our Ark.
And it's not raining yet.
There's no PROOF that all will be well from now on, endlessly perfect here in our home.
We have to look friends and family in the eye and bear a burden of PROOF that we aren't damaging our boys,
aren't risking the end of our Happy Family Life.
We then turn to our Lord, in silence and together in harmony and ask Him to answer that same
thing to us.

Here's His answer:
"Get in the Ark.
I'm sending rain."

I don't think you can consider yourself a good parent if you don't wrestle with these things.
You must.
But I will promise you this:
 Once you agree to build it, get in and watch the door close behond you?
Fear evaporates.
It's us and our big, big God.
He is PROOF.

Ethan "After"

Ethan "Before"

Graham "After"


Yours Truly

All the boys are fast asleep in swim trunks under those towels!

EVERYTHING's a competition

Racing with Papa


with Mimi at our beach

Classic Pose  - Using Troop for an Ottoman

Typical afternoon in our den

Our boys at EPCOT

Light-Saber fighting with Candy. Awesome.

Light-Saber fighting AND mugging for the camera. True Talent.

Faux Pouty-Face


  1. Love the ark reminder! And def jealous of your beach!

  2. What do you mean by closed into your ark? Can u elaborate?

  3. Love your pictures! And love your "light bulb" thoughts about Noah. I don't think I have a category for that kind of faith. Miss you, friend!

  4. Thank you for sharing your insight on Noah's Ark. It never occurred to me that Noah had never seen rain or even knew what it was. But God instructed him to build the Ark, get in, close the door b/c it(the rain) was going to devastate the Earth. And Noah obeyed. Great insight. It's easy to trust when you have an idea of what's going to happen, but when you have NO idea? I guess that's what you call faith?
    Your kids are too adorable. Ethan is still sucking his wrist and Adrian is still sucking his thumb! I wonder if these 2 birth-day-sharing boys will get to be friends and share life together again.
    We love you and miss you so very much, Downes family. (I would insert a smile, but it's too hard to smile if you get me.)

  5. Wow, as usual friend, you put my heart into words! I wish I had your eloquence and I pray that I would gain your insightfulness! This post is such a picture of the Diamondidis family's life right now! And since we embarked on this phase of our journey at the same time y'all embarked on yours, I know you understand. Thank you for this reminder that God is sending the rain ~ it's not raining here yet, but we have become peaceful in our ark as we wait . . . .